Friday, March 26, 2010

Silly Girl

Papa bought Addie these cool sunglasses last weekend. Surprisingly she kept them on long enough to snap this awesome photo.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Nine before Ten

Since Addie is already more than nine and a half months, I think I better post her nine month pictures. Our little Addie girl is now a crawling machine. She loves to explore every nook and cranny of our apartment. I am finally having to baby proof our home. Besides crawling, she loves to just stand...stand, stand, and more standing. She can now stand up from a sitting position all by herself! We are just waiting for her to take her first step, but she does not seem the least bit interested in walking. Addie May is also quite a talker now. Her new words include: doggie, tickle, no, and hi. She can also sign "more." We are amazed at how fast our little girl is growing up. Are we really coming up to her first birthday in a couple months? Crazy! She is such a sweetie, and we love her cute little personality. Until next week...ten months!
I did not have any plain and simple smiling photos, so we chose a serious picture. It was a quick photo session this month.
Addie thought it was way more fun to get out of the chair than stay in it. Thus, the lack of photos.
This is proof of Addie's standing capabilities. She loves STANDING.
We have finally been experiencing some nice weather here in Chicago. So, Addie and I needed to get out one day. I thought a little photo session would be fun. So, we had Addie's friend Jaxon along to take some pictures. Isn't he so stinkin cute? Thanks for coming Jaxon!

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Thanks everyone so far for the comments and suggestions about the family photo. Yes the guy in the top right (Ben) was photoshopped in as he was not present for the photo shoot and I know there are a few legs missing along with many other flaws :) I am working with what I have. Before I work on correcting the lighting and and making it look more natural and all the little details I just needed to know which direction to take the photo. It would take forever to fix all of those flaws and touchup details on each one of the choices and I do not have that kind of time. Thanks again. I'll post again when I think I have it right before it is printed to see if any other changes should be made.