Saturday, October 17, 2009

Rice Cereal

Yesterday, Addie had her first experience with rice cereal. I was a little unsure of how this was going to go because Addie only likes breastmilk. Everything else that we have given her including sweet tasting medicines or vitamins, she spits out. To our surprise, Addie loved the rice cereal (I used breastmilk to water it down, so that may have helped). She kept trying to drink it instead of eating it, but she figured it out. In the end, we had a happy, messy baby!

David is getting a hang of this new rice cereal thing.

She was so happy!

I love this face. Addie was being so funny yesterday.

Addie had thrush for a second time. We used a new medication that turned her mouth purple and anything else that touched her mouth (which is everything). Luckily, the medication was very effective and cleared up the thrush in just a couple days. No more purple!

Sunday, October 04, 2009

A Quick Trip Home

A couple weeks ago, Addie and I took a quick trip to California for Nana's birthday. We spent lots of time shopping, eating, and visiting. Of course, the best part was seeing family again! We had a blast! We can't wait for next month to go back!

Addie went swimming with the girls. She just loved being in the water! She would kick her chubby legs as we swirled her around.

Grandma Graham came for a visit! We missed Grandma Graham!
Addie met up with her older and wiser cousin June. We couldn't resist getting tons of pictures of these cute little girls. While we were taking pictures, Charlie was waving his hands back and forth trying to make the girls smile. I think that was my favorite part...thus, most of my pictures have tiny little hands at the bottom. It's a cute reminder of Charlie-boy.

Grandma Jonnie, Nana, Me, and Addie would go for a walk every morning. This was Addie before we left. I just love her chub!