Tuesday, September 13, 2011

All Tongue

Yes, I know. I have TOTALLY been slacking on blogging this summer. I think between having 2 kids, having Dave gone, and just being really busy...the blog has taken a back seat. But, we're back (for now)! So, I decided to post something that will be really quick and hope that it jumpstarts my inner blogger.
A few weeks ago, we started our Brynn Leigh on some rice cereal. She was a total crack-up. For some reason, she thought she was supposed to lick the cereal off the spoon. This girl has always been kind of obsessed with her tongue, so it wasn't too surprising that she was trying to eat the ceral with her tongue. As far as the cereal goes, I still don't think she's completely sold on the idea. We'll see how baby food goes!

All set to go! Our happy girl!

This girl is obviously all tongue!

Tongue shot in action.

All done and still our happy girl. What a cutie!