Friday, June 24, 2011

A Special Day

Sunday was a triple whammy for us...Brynn's baby blessing, Riley's homecoming, and Father's Day! It was such a wonderful and special day. My brother, Riley, got home from his mission to the Philippines on Thursday. We are so thrilled to have him home. Addie was born just before he left on his mission, so he had never even met our Addie girl. My brother returned home to a whole new family...I have TWO kids, my brother is now married, and my sister is all grown up (driving and dating, oh my). We decided to wait to bless Brynn until my brother had his homecoming so he could be there.
David gave Brynn a beautiful blessing, and it made me so grateful for all the wonderful, worthy priesthood holders in my life especially my husband. Sunday really reiterated to me how much my Heavenly Father has blessed me. I could not be more grateful for my little family and our new addition of Brynn, for the safe return and amazing experiences that my brother had on his mission, for a loving and patient husband, for a wonderful dad, for an amazing father in-law who taught his children so much, and for a Heavenly Father who always knows what is best. Sunday was so special to me. Surrounded by all our family and friends, I truly feel like I got a little glimpse of heaven.

The two people of the day-my brother Riley and Brynn. Don't they look cute?

Our family of four. This is the best picture we got all day. Sad, I know.