Monday, January 09, 2012

The Girlies

Life with two girls is so much fun! Fingernail painting, makeup, dress up, hairdos, dolls, barbies, and drama! What else! Our sweet little Brynn is now 9 months. She a little crawling machine. I'm just starting to realize how much this is going to change my life...I can't keep my eyes off of her for one second. She has two little teeth on the bottom and still has a thing about sticking her tongue out. She is quite the cuddler which I absolutely LOVE, but it also means that I have to lay down with my 9 month old for her to go to sleep. Sometimes, it can get a little tricky being the only parent and trying to lay down with Brynn while having Addie going to sleep in the same room at the same time and asking me to lay down with her instead. Brynn has been such a wonderful baby. I am SO incredibly lucky that she is such an easy going, happy girl. She loves to give hugs, and kisses, and bug her sister. You better believe that Brynn already knows how to bug/tease her older sister. So funny! She is now quite the talker saying Dada, Mama, and Baba. Those baby babbles are my favorite. But her trademark is her wave...just like a beauty queen would do it...just a turn at the wrist. We make her do it all the time. She's a cutie alright. Addie is my stubborn, lovable, kissable, and crazy 2 year old. She constantly makes us laugh, but she also knows just how to push all of my buttons. She LOVES princesses, and dresses up as Princess Addie every single day. Her hair is slowing coming in (finally) and her curls seem to match her personality perfectly. What would we do without our Addie Girl...maybe relax? We love that she keeps us on our toes!

Brynn's 8 Month Photo. It's about time! It's the best one I had...really?

Brynn's 9 Month Photo. I love that she is not wearing sleeves in the beginning of January. Thank goodness we live in California again! Love this face.

Our Addie Girl. This is her princess smile.

Our girls. Addie loves to play in the backyard, but she always wants someone to play with her. Lately, she has been asking me to bring Brynn out to ride on the bus while she rides in her car. Brynn loves it too. I just had to shoot a picture.

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Stephanie Lee said...

Your girls are DARLING Kenna! Thanks for posting--it's so fun to see what you're up to. :)

Stevie and Melinda said...

I love these photos so much!!! It makes me want to squeeze them! haha