Thursday, January 28, 2010

Eight is Great!

Addie turned eight months this past week. The months are just disappearing...I'm having a hard time keeping up! Addie's new thing is trying to pull herself up and insisting on standing up all the time. She is still being such a stinker about eating. Sometimes, the only way we can get her to eat is by having her stand up or playing baby einstein. Her second bottom tooth has also poked through. Addie can now wave (she waves to herself though) and gives high fives. She still doesn't have much hair except for a little bit of peach fuzz that has gotten a bit longer. Addie also had her first pedicure this month. Every time I see her little pink toenails, I can't help but smile. I LOVE having a little girl! We have so much fun.

Eight months already!

Addie loves to stand up. She must feel like such a BIG girl.

Doing Addie's toenails. She was really good about holding still. I think she enjoyed it just as much as I did.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Past Week

Last Sunday, I thought I saw something in Addie's mouth. I was surprised to find a little tooth! She has been so happy lately that I had no idea she was teething. We will see how she does with the next few teeth...

This week, I was so tired of being inside our apartment that I was determined to go outside despite the temperature being 18 degrees. I bundled up Addie, and we headed out into the cold. After walking across the parking lot and around the closest apartment building, we headed home. There is nothing like the Chicago cold. It honestly takes your breath away.

Addie was so cute with David this week. I think she was loving having Daddy home for a change.

This picture is priceless. Addie loves her thumb, and we love her cheeks!


After Christmas, we headed to California for a week. We stayed at Grandma Graham's house with the Grahams, Martinos, and Kochs. It was a full house, but the more, the merrier! We had so much fun hanging out with everyone. It was a week full of games, laughs, some shopping, great food, wonderful weather, and of course lots and lots of family. What a week!

Since we were all together (minus Ben who left the day before we got there), we took Graham family photos. This is a picture of all the cousins. So cute!

A picture of the whole fam. Love the funny faces!

Stealing a moment to ourselves! I love my husband.

I love Addie's face.

We went to visit the Hales while we were in California. Addie absolutely loved the dog! She just laughed and laughed! I guess she got it from her dad because I am definitely not a fan. Sorry!

The older cousins all hanging out with Dodo in our bed. I think they were watching videos on youtube. Sure looks like fun.

Girls night! It was a needed few hours of undisrupted girls talk and great food.

We rang in the New Year at the Grahams.

We had a little New Year's celebration with the kids before they all went to bed. Emily was in charge of all the kid entertainment. She was a pro! I don't know what we would do without Aunt Emily!

Steven, Melinda, and Grandma joined us at the Rose Parade. We woke up at 4:30 am to get a seat, but it was well worth the lack of sleep.

The three little girls in their matching dresses from Grandma. We took a ton of pictures, but this is the only one I had of all three of them facing forward. We have some wiggly babies.

Our little family enjoying the warm California outdoors.

I love this picture. Ali is such a good older cousin! Addie seems to be quite comfortable.

Christmas in Chicago

This year, I had to work on Christmas Eve and Christmas (I work at night). Therefore, Dave and I spent our first Christmas on our own in Chicago...and it was a white Christmas! I was worried that we were going to feel lonely without all our family, but we had a wonderful Christmas with just our little family. David did a wonderful job making sure we covered all the usual traditions, getting the house cleaned, and making sure Santa didn't forget us in Chicago. I was pretty tired, but a nice family nap in the middle of opening presents fixed that. What a fun few days!

This year, we went to the North Pole (aka The Bass Pro Shop) to see Santa! It was too cute!

Most of the time, Addie has a hard time going to people she doesn't know, so Dave and I thought she was going to scream when we put her on Santa's lap. Surprisingly, she just stared at him! I bet she was thinking about pulling that beard the whole time. She LOVES to pull hair.

We went to the Zumsteg's home for Christmas Eve dinner. It was delicious as usual! We had a great time eating and visiting.

Santa came to our apartment! After a long night at work, I came home to find my rocker finished and in one piece (the last I knew of the rocker, it was in a million pieces in the closet outside). My sweet husband had been working on it all week to finish it for Christmas. He'd wait for me to leave for work, pack up Addie and all her stuff, drive to our friend's house, and work on the rocker until about 2 am. In the morning, he acted like nothing had happened all night. That was probably the sweetest present I have ever gotten. Not to mention, I am thrilled about having my rocker back, and David did an excellent job! I love you sweetie. Thank you!

Christmas Sunday. All of us in our new Christmas outfits.

Our sweet Addie May at 7 months. Her vocabulary now consists of "mama," "dada," and "baba". Still not crawling, but she either scoots (mostly in circles) or rolls to what she wants. She's a picky eater...meals are getting to be more of a production. Addie knows what she wants and does this fake cry until she gets it. Addie also got two colds in a row. So, she also does a fake cough to get our attention. It is hilarious. Dave and I get a kick out of it. She is such a joy! It is amazing to she how much she has changed our lives for the better. We love you Addie!